8 giorni per diventare furba, by Raffaella Fenoglio

8 giorni - Raffaella Fenoglio - cover

Kamyla's life has been tough lately. Her mother is in hospital due to a difficult pregnancy, her father thinks that she is suffering from a "trauma of no longer being an only child" and forces her to go to a psychologist; her schoolmates make fun of her because she hasn't kissed a boy yet.
So she makes a deal with Sergej, the coolest boy in school: if she becomes a trendy girl within 8 days, he'll be her date at her birthday party.
Fabiola, fashionable and cynical, and Oscar, a beautiful gay boy, are her best friends and will help her in her transformation. Put those Converse away! New clothes, new attitudes, heels, cigarettes, tattoo, short cut, shatush and wild hair removal are some of the tests she will overcome in the 8 days that separate her from the fateful evening.
The day before her birthday, her mother undergoes an emergency operation. In those hours, Kamyla understands the strong emotional bond between her parents and will make peace with her father.
The fateful Saturday arrives. Sergej isĀ  completely conquered by the new Kamyla, but she realizes she is not really attracted to him. Her heart beats for another boy. Kamyla leaves the party - and her high-heeled shoes next to a charity bin. The new
Kamyla is more feminine and self-confident, but she still remains a Converse girl.

A funny, smart middle-grade novel published in Italy by Giunti Editore.

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