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Wojtek Edizioni is an independent publishing house, founded in Pomigliano d’Arco (Naples) in 2018 by Lucio Leone, Ciro Marino and Antonio Corduas. Over the years 2019 and 2020 Alfredo Zucchi, Anna Di Gioia and Eduardo Savarese joined the project.
Wojtek is the name of the Syrian brown bear which was adopted by the XXII HS Company of Polish artillery during the preparation of the battle in Cassino. A symbol of resistance during the Second World War, Wojtek was the “smiling warrior”.
Seeking new ways of aware exploration in narration, Wojtek Edizioni recognizes visions of the present through a wide range of languages, in literary fiction and narrative non-fiction.
The publishing house produces two high-quality series of books:
Orso Bruno (Brown Bear) is dedicated to Italian contemporary writers. Anna Adornato, Emanuela Cocco, Davide Morganti, Eduardo Savarese, Mirko Floria, Luca Mignola, Alfredo Palomba, Salvatore d’Ascia, Sergio Gilles Lacavalla are the authors published in this series so far.
Orso Nero (Black Bear), home of foreign authors at Wojtek Editioni, published works by Miranda Mellis, Stephen Gregory and Gilda Manso so far.

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